Big data and analytics are at the center of digital and cognitive transformation.

JBS integrates leading technologies in end-to-end solutions in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid solutions deployments.

Analytics and data


Unlock business insight

You can use data and analytics to move your business forward with new insights. JBS solutions provide an end-to-end ecosystem of data, analytics capabilities, cognitive capabilities and local expertise. They are built on the best technologies such as IBM Watson Analytics, which guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. We can also help you capitalize on big data, using shared data environments to perform complex real-time analytics with IBM DB2®, Hadoop® and others.

Reduce costs, increase productivity

You can shorten time-to-value with a turnkey data center infrastructure solution designed for data and analytics. Validated reference architectures provide proven performance and reliability for your workloads. Easily scale from small to very large as your business and your data and analytics needs grow. Increase productivity, with a solution that delivers industry-leading analytics benchmarks and simple data science tools. And reduce your costs, with excellent operational efficiencies.

Integrate powerful services

Cloud technologies such as IBM Bluemix® enable you to integrate powerful services into your applications and solutions. It is easy to build in apps that provide artificial intelligence, machine learning, document storage, collaboration tools and much more. Developers, data scientists and data engineers can use these services complement your existing architecture and adapt to changing business needs.

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