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Smarter ways to work together

Digital transformation is changing the way people work together. Collaboration is now a vital process. 72% of businesses report that “effective team communication” has become more important in recent years. More than half of global businesses are investing in easy-to-use collaboration tools. And 64% say that collaborating with other businesses has become more important. This increased focus on collaboration is a result of growing data volumes and new digital business processes, which have created new possibilities for sharing valuable data internally and externally. In order to compete in this new environment, organizations need a way to collaborate efficiently and extract maximum value from their data.

Leading collaboration technologies

JBS can provide end-to-end collaboration solutions, in partnership with technology leaders such as IBM®, Cisco. IBM & Cisco are leaders for enterprise social network providers, providing cognitive tools that differentiate your organization and enable teams to solve difficult challenges. Through our partnerships, we offer a broad suite of collaboration products and services, which improve productivity by connecting your organization’s culture, processes and technology. JBS integrates these technologies in best-fit implementations that are designed to meet your present and future business goals.

From conferencing to customer care

Your solution can enable better collaboration between your internal teams, with external partners, and even your end-customers. You can unify your voice, video, data and mobile app communications, making it easy to run conferences and work on projects across multiple locations. You can set up personalized customer services, which allow customers to talk to you through their choice of email, phone, social and more. And you can start using powerful collaboration tools, which make your teams more efficient and productive.

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