Housing bank of Jordan decided to deploy the smartest self service ATM in the world

In line with the bank's strategy to provide its customers with the latest and most advanced technologies and services in the banking sector, the Housing Bank – the largest and most wide spread bank in the Kingdom of Jordan- signed an agreement with Jordan Business Systems (JBS) partners of Diebold Nixdorf in Jordan and Palestine for the purchase of 185 state-of- art ATM’s equipped with the latest technology.

The agreement, being largest of its kind at the local and regional levels, is consistent with the Housing Bank's enduring endeavors to keep pace with the latest developments in the global banking market, enhancing its digital services chain, and providing an integrated banking experience and innovative services with added value to its customers as well as contributing to enriching their banking experience.


Decision is taken to start installing and operating new ATMs, equipped with the latest advanced technologies, in all governorates of the Kingdom during the first quarter of 2021. This step will enable the Housing Bank customers and all users of ATMs to obtain new and distinguished comprehensive services and a seamless self-service experience.

Commenting on this step, the Chief Business Officer CBO at the Housing Bank, Vasken Ajamyan, said: “At Housing Bank, and within our strategic plans to adopt the latest banking services technology, we are keen to provide the best innovative services and to keep pace with qualitative additions that will support our journey towards digital transformation and provide a banking experience that is unique and distinctive to our customers, enabling them to easily complete their transactions aligning with fast-paces changes imposed by the digital era”.

Ajamyan added: “Housing Bank is always ahead in its ability to respond effectively to the changing requirements of its customers, as it worked over the past years to optimally update its infrastructure to support the shift to digital transformation. Today we thrive to implement our digitally-driven plans by replacing our ATM network with the latest endpoints, and most developed ones, locally and internationally. "

From his end, Emad Suwan, General Manager of Jordan Business Systems (JBS) in Jordan and Palestine, said: “This agreement provided Housing Bank The pioneers in the modern banking industry in the region” with modern and advanced technologies in order to adapt to the current and future requirements through the digitization of transaction banking.”

Suwan emphasized that the Housing Bank choice to deal with Diebold Nixdorf, a leader in manufacturing and developing Automatic Teller Machines, will contribute in delivering the latest banking services to the Housing Bank customers, making it an enhanced positive experience befitting the customers of this large banking organization.

It is noteworthy that the new and advanced ATMs are characterized as being modern devices with multi-touch screens, supporting the "contactless" technology and will provide its customers several additional services such as instant cash deposit, instant check deposit and other services.

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